About Us

We have been in business for over 20 years. In an agreement with a public company in 2012, we changed our name from NeuroDyne to Tenacity.

If you want to design, develop, have regulatory procedures done in a short time, then we will make it happen for you. Our services includes:

  1. Writing Product Design and Verifications Specifications
  2. New Hardware and Software Design
  3. Enhancing your current Software or Hardware Designs
  4. Software Development and Verification
  5. Help with Regulatory Review Process through ApprovalCustomers-1

Tenacity designs products to work as they were intended,. we believe the key to a successful product is its effectiveness with utmost reliability.

We aim to help many of the most innovative companies around the world achieve extraordinary results.

Our mission is to create products which are relevant, add value for our customers, and are backed by excellent customer care.

We are known for creative problem solving and correcting the most difficult issues.  Our experienced team, located globally led by senior engineers, utilizes proven techniques to simplify most complex issues and provide solutions that work repeatedly.

We measure our success in this endeavor by the benefits actually created by our products and services in the market place and in their role in enhancing healthcare.